twinLab’s RESTful API architecture provides a flexible and efficient way to integrate probabilistic machine learning capabilities into your software stack. This section the process of leveraging our RESTful API architecture for creating custom clients and integrating twinLab into your software ecosystem.

Why Use twinLab’s RESTful API?#

  • Language Agnostic: Interact with twinLab using any programming language that can make HTTP requests.

  • Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrate twinLab’s machine learning capabilities into your existing software solutions.

  • Custom Client Development: Develop tailored clients that fit your specific needs, regardless of the technology stack.

API Reference#

Get in touch to explore our API reference for your preferred language: - Authentication: Learn how to authenticate your API requests with twinLab. - Model Management: Explore endpoints for creating, listing, updating, and deleting machine learning models. - Predictions: Understand how to make predictions using your models and how to interpret the results.

Creating Custom Clients#

We offer custom clients for any language. Get in touch with our intergration and architecture team to find out more.

For OEMs#

twinLab’s RESTful API is designed to be OEM-friendly, offering a straightforward path for embedding advanced machine learning features into hardware or software products.

Interested in OEM integration?

Contact our OEM partnership team to explore how twinLab can power your products.